Easy and quick payday loans

If you need financing, now is the best time to ask for it and enjoy it, because getting a loan has never been so simple it has never been so simple. Discover which entities grant easy loans to apply for and hire and get the money you need in a few minutes and without paperwork.

What is considered an accessible credit?

When we say that an entity provides easy payday loans https://bridgepayday.com/, we refer, on the one hand, to the fact that its access requirements are flexible and, on the other, that its contracting process is flexible and with little paperwork. Therefore, within this group, we can include all the quick credits granted by private equity companies that do not receive direct supervision from the Bank of Spain, since they establish more lax access conditions than conventional banks and grant their products with greater speed.

These lenders offer financial products created for different situations in which we may need a loan. However, all of the following are easy loans to process and obtain and we can count on the cash quickly in our checking account.

  • Mini credits online: they are the simplest credits to obtain since they have fewer requirements than the rest. The conditions that we will have to fulfill are to be of legal age, live in Spain and have an income that allows us to reimburse the loaned capital and the fees. With these loans, we can get up to 1,200 euros if we are regular customers of the entity or 1,000 euros for new customers. Its price is around 1.1% daily on average and must be returned within a maximum period of 30 days.
  • Fast loans in installments: these easy loans have concession requirements similar to mini-loans and a speed with which the equivalent processing will be carried out. However, we can obtain much higher amounts that can reach 5,000 euros depending on the company we go to. Your refund is made in several installments, which can be extended from 3 months to 4 years depending on the entity. Its price is around 6% per month.
  • Loans with mortgage guarantee: the only thing that they will ask us to obtain these credits is that we are owners of a property or that we have paid the great majority of their mortgage. These products offer large amounts and have extended repayment terms, which can exceed 20 years, which makes them longer than loans with a personal guarantee.
  • Credit cards: these tools allow us to obtain financing easily and instantly. They have an APR that revolves around 21% according to the data provided by the periodic studies of the Bank of Spain. They will only charge us these interest if we pay our purchases in installments. However, if we decide to face the full payment one month later, we will obtain a free financing, since no interest will be generated. These plastics can be obtained through our own bank or by using other entities since there are credit cards without changing banks.

As you can see, there are a variety of options to apply for easy credit. Each of them has a series of characteristics that will make us opt for one or the other depending on our profile and the need for funding we have. Also, if we have some valuable asset, we can resort to the effort of this to get extra money, although if we do not repay the loan we could lose this good by suffering an embargo.

What do I need to contract easy loans?

Although all the easy loans referred to above have more lenient grant criteria than the loans offered by traditional banks, we will have to comply with a series of basic conditions to approve our application. All companies will ask us to have a sufficient source of income to repay the loan in full, although this does not have to be a payroll. A pension, the proof of income of the self-employed or even the granting of a scholarship can be used to prove our remuneration.

To be granted an easy loan we will have to be permanently resident in Spain, of legal age and have a bank account. In addition, most of the lenders will check if we are in a file of defaulters and only those who grant loans with ASNEF will accept us as clients despite having outstanding debts.

However, if we can provide a physical guarantee such as a real estate or a valuable asset such as a car or jewelry, the lenders will give us financing more easily. These guarantees exempt us from the income justification process, speeding up the processing. However, in the case of incurring a non-payment, we could suffer an embargo of this guarantee and lose our home or our vehicle.

Watch out! Easy credit has a price

To be able to contract a loan with few requirements is very tempting, but we should never abuse these products since easy loans are usually more expensive than bank loans. The companies that provide these products assume a higher risk of default, so the interest they apply is higher: in the case of mini loans, it is usually 1.1% daily, while in the case of quick loans of the higher amount is usually around 6% per month.

Due to this high price, it is important that we only go to an easy mini loan company promptly and responsibly. These credits were designed to face an urgent economic unexpected, but if we go to them in a habitual way, we could end up being over-indebted due to the cost that they have.

However, easy and quick loans are usually free of commissions and do not include the hiring of a linked product as a requirement for the loan. In this way, we can know the final cost of the credit that we have requested before even starting the request for financing. This is possible thanks to the loan simulators that these companies offer on their websites, which will calculate the price of the credit and the installments when choosing the amount and the repayment term.

How to get easy loans without cheating?

When we look for easy loans it is possible to find promotions that are more attractive, but that hide extra costs in their fine print or that are simply not granted by legitimate lenders. Therefore, we must make certain checks before requesting financing that will allow us to make sure that the entity with which we are going to request it is reliable:

  • If you ask us for money in advance, we are not going to a lender. Companies that grant easy loans will never ask us to pay anything before we have paid off the loan capital. Only financial intermediaries could require a prior commitment that in no case assures us that we will obtain the financing we want.
  • We must always read carefully all the clauses of the contract. The contract is our main link with the lender and will dictate the rights and obligations that we will have as borrowers. In the same way, the company of easy loans will commit to some terms of action that must be fulfilled.
  • The lender’s website must incorporate the recommended security protocols. It is important to verify that the URL of your website starts with https: //. Likewise, if it is a secure portal, a green padlock will appear and the words “It is safe” in the browser bar.
  • One of the main signs of the quality of a product is the opinions of its customers. In our web, you will be able to know the experiences of thousands of users of all these types of financing.

When we visit a lender’s website and do not trust us, it is best not to start the application process. In case we have already started it, it is important to know that we will not have any kind of agreement until we have accepted the terms and conditions of the contract, so we will be free to stop the process at any point of the process.

When will I receive the easy credits?

The mini-credits have the fastest processing of all financial products, so if we go to them, the normal thing is that we need the money urgently. Generally, easy mini loan companies offer their products in less than 15 minutes. However, even if the lender makes the deposit instantly after accepting our request, this process can be slowed down for several reasons.

The mini-credit easy companies are not banks, so they need to have accounts in different banking entities to make money transactions. Bank transfers are instantaneous if they are made between two accounts of the same bank. However, when sending money between two accounts of the same bank can be delayed up to two business days after being sent. Therefore, it is advisable to know the banking entities in which the lender has an account in order to receive our money practically instantaneously.